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Alberta drug rehabilitation Drug Rehabilitation and Addiction Treatment Alberta

Alberta's booming economy with high paying jobs and entry level positions in the trades with no prior experience necessary has attracted an army of young people, mainly men between the ages of 20 and 40 from all across the country. This demographic of young men is stereotypically the least stable and carries the highest incident ratio of addiction to cocaine, crack, marijuana, heroin, pain killers, crystal meth, alcohol and ecstasy. This influx of population has put so much pressure on the drug rehabilitation resources that the best residential rehabs are now only able to offer 21 day programs.


Waiting lists to various government-sponsored drug rehabilitation services have exploded and people anywhere in Alberta regularly are forced to wait for weeks to receive even an initial assessment by a counselor. Therefore, the responsibility for Alberta's rampant drug problem is falling increasingly in the laps of the goodwill programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and the Salvation Army. Even with the help available, the vast majority of addiction problems in Alberta are going completely untreated. Families are being ripped apart and lives are being lost as addiction befalls those youth who have gone to Alberta in pursuit of a decent job and the possibility of a better life.

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Drug Rehabilitation Alberta

Even though Alberta is Canada's wealthiest province it is fast becoming notorious for being the most inadequate in the provision of drug rehabilitation services and addiction treatment. In general, its poor service is rivaled only by that found in the eastern provinces of Atlantic Canada. Alberta's wealth makes it a prime target for drug dealers who have made cocaine, crack, heroin, pain killers and crystal meth (meth amphetamine) easier to get than groceries or cigarettes. Drug dealers never close their doors and they don't ask for identification from minors! The abundance of hard drugs has generated an exaggerated need for long term rehabilitation services that are free. The Alberta Government has all but eliminated government-sponsored programs. Even the most affordable programs cost at least 15 dollars a day, thus, $315 dollars for a 21 day program. For many addicts thousands of miles away from friends or family who has lost everything it is an impossible sum.

There is only one program longer than 21 days in Alberta offered by the government-run office of AADAC (Alberta Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission.) It is a fifty day program which is usually available only to oil field executives or those with comprehensive health benefits through their employer, costing thousands of dollars a month over and above the costs to Alberta Health Care. Alberta is also experiencing higher than ever rates of addiction to prescription drugs such as oxycontin, zanex, clenazepam,and designer drugs such as ecstasy, ghb, katamine, barbiturates, and other narcotics.
To learn about the treatment options available to Albertans, call CanadaRehab at 1-800-419-7941.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Alberta

Alcohol is the most commonly abused substance in Alberta. This can be seen to be a consequence of the privatization of the liquor distribution whereby more and more corner stores are able to acquire a licence to distribute alcohol, making its readily available around the clock. The resources available to alcoholics in Alberta are increasingly being used up by the growing hard drug problem, both of which are being treated in the same way. The severely alcoholic and homeless are aided almost exclusively by goodwill organizations such as Alcoholics Anonymous and the Salvation Army. Even though what they need is highly trained and acute therapy for their addictions, those services simply are not available through government sponsorship. Call CanadaRehab today to learn about other options to help you or your loved one.


Alberta Intervention services

Intervention is a precise action taken by the loved ones of an addict in an effort stop the destructive course of the addict’s life by pressuring the addict to make the decision to improve his or her own life. An intervention’s only purpose is to have an addict arrive safely at a Substance Abuse Facility and begin recovery. Intervention is a popular approach to addiction these days especially since the arrival of the A&E television series Intervention. In Alberta there is a growing need for this type of service. As the drugs consumed become more addictive so does the need for well trained professionals to help tear an addict away from those drugs. If you require advice on intervention or you wish to have more information on hiring an intervention team in Alberta call today, 1-800-419-7941.

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