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Calgary drug rehabilitation Substance Abuse Treatment and Recovery Calgary

In Calgary the organization in charge of addiction and mental health is Alberta Health Services. It provides initial addiction assessment, treatment planning, withdrawal management, addiction classes or intensive out patient addiction treatment, counseling and aftercare which are good, valuable services. Calgary, as well as the rest of the province, lacks long term residential addiction treatment. This forces people in need of long term rehab to investigate private and charity based treatment options.


Although it lacks long term residential programs, Calgary does offer a full host of addiction treatment options. Two things everyone in need of treatment should take into consideration when choosing an addiction treatment facility are: 1) whether or not they can honestly say that the treatment program is going to be enough of an intervention in their lives to stop their addiction in its tracks; 2) whether they are optimistic about what the treatment program offers including the general feeling that the program is going to give them the tools they require to begin a healthy fruitful life. If the answer to either of these is 'No' then perhaps you haven't explored enough options.

Wonder if a Calgary-based drug or alcohol rehab is right for you call today 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehab centers in Calgary

We have a detailed list of all addiction treatment resources available in the Calgary area. If you have any questions about what level of services may be necessary for you or a loved one to overcome an addiction please don't hesitate to call. We would be happy to advise you of what facilities can help in a given situation.

If you are physically addicted to a street drug or a pharmaceutical it is not advisable that you manage your own withdrawal as there are serious risks to one's health when detoxing from substance. Please call and we will do everything in our power to help you receive medical supervision while you detox from a substance.

If you aren't physically addicted but nevertheless feel you are unable to stop using a substance, our advice to all clients is to get help to overcome their addiction. Those who "do it on their own" are only between 1% to 2% successful; whereas people who seek out help and spend the time finding treatment that makes them feel optimistic and enthusiastic about their future can be as much as 75% successful. You owe it to yourself to get the free help we are offering.


Alcohol recovery in Calgary

Alcohol is the drug of choice for many people. In its later stages it is even more destructive and deadly than many illegal street drugs as it placates the central nervous system and disrupts the bodily functions so much that it is commonplace for alcoholics to have seizures when they are coming off of alcohol. The fact that alcohol is legal and so readily available gives people a false sense that 'It's okay" or "No harm can come from it." In fact, more deaths are attributable to alcohol addiction than almost any other drug


Intervention services in Calgary

Intervention is a method of bridging the gap between denial and acceptance of someone's addiction. It is an incredibly powerful tool. Please call one of our counselors today if you are planning to confront a drug addict as there are some common mistakes made by non professional interventionists which can have a profound negative impact on the life of the one whose life you are trying to save.

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and alcohol rehabilitation services in Calgary Alberta Canada.


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