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Substance abuse treatment or "Drug Rehab" in Charlottetown PEI Charlottetown Drug Rehabilitation

The population of Charlottetown is nearly 65,000, which accounts for just under half of the population of the entire province of PEI. The majority of the province's youth live in or close to Charlottetown so addiction treatment centers, detox facilities and counseling centers have been centralised in the city of Charlottetown where those services are most greatly needed. The city has a long history of alcohol abuse but in recent years drugs such as cocaine, crystal meth, heroin and pharmaceuticals (ocycontin, morphine, dilaudid) have been on the rise, prompting a shift in available drug rehab facilities.


With an increase in the number of addicts in the city and and an increase in the number of addicts who now find themselves addicted to physically addictive drugs and in extreme cases alcohol, there is now a medically supervised, easy to access detox facility with 24 beds in the city of Charlottetown.

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Drug Rehabilitation in Charlottetown

Treatment centers in the Charlottetown area have undergone some fluctuation, with new centers opening and others losing funding. The bottom line is there are options for people with substance abuse problems in Charlottetown and we would love the opportunity to help you be successful.

Grandmother's House
- Aboriginal womens shelter *Closed permanently due to a lack of funding*
Lacey House
- Long term residential treatment center for women with chronic dependancy on substance.
Provincial Addictions Treatment Facility
- Medically supervised withdrawal management facility, short term residential therapy is offered to 16 clients.
Provincial Youth Addictions Day Treatment Program
- Eight week intensive out patient program for youth between the ages of 15 and 18.
Lacey House
- Longterm residential substance abuse treatment for women
Native Council of Prince Edward Island
- Out patient programming for Aborroginal Peoples of all ages.
Talbot House
- Longterm Drug Rehab facillity for men with substance abuse issues.


alcohol Addiction Treatment Charlottetown

For people suffering from alcoholism there are a number of treatment options available in the city of Charlottetown. If you are not interested in attending a formal addiction treatment center but still want some support, the Alcoholics Anonymous Community offers free of charge meetings on a daily basis. If you want information on anything discussed here, please call us today at 1-800-419-7941.


Professional Intervention Services Charlottetown

We have a full complement of the best professional interventionists available in Canada--individuals who are internationally certified in conflict resolution and who have been conducting professional interventions with hundreds of success stories to their credit. If you would like more information on how to access a professional intervention or if attempting a family-based intervention is more your speed, please call for advice.

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Charlottetown PEI Canada.


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