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Located in the central part of Labrador, the town has the largest population in the region. Incorporated in 1973, the town comprises the former town of Happy Valley and the Local Improvement District of Goose Bay. The town is home to the largest military air base in the northeastern quadrant of North America, known as CFB Goose Bay.The population of Happy Valley Goose Bay is 7,572. As with any remote community there is limited access to illegal street drugs but some do make it in. Many drug problems are maintained through a connection with pharmaceutical drugs obtained from a doctor.


Alcohol addiction is an ongoing struggle for the community. As with many remote locations, there is a problem with illegal distribution of alcohol, which fetches a higher than market value. In surrounding dry communities the problem is even more severe with prices driven up even higher. Most people from Happy Valley Goose Bay with a chronic addiction problem and requiring more than counseling will undoubtedly have to travel to a more densely populated area to receive proper addiction treatment in a residential facility.

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Drug Rehabilitation Happy Valley-Goose Bay

Services offered through provincial health care in Happy Valley Goose Bay
Services offered through provincial health care in Happy Valley Goose Bay
1. Mushuau Innu Assistance & Counseling for Alcohol & Related Problems Healing Lodge, Patient Referrals to recognized Treatment Centers.
2. Addiction Services at the Melville Hospital including emergency medical care.
3. There are a Number of e- counselors licensed and serving the Happy Valley Goose Bay area via the internet.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Happy Valley-Goose Bay

If you or a loved one is suffering from withdrawal symptoms from alcohol detox including uncontrolled shaking; anxiety; sweating; delirium please get to the hospital as soon as possible as these symptoms are quite often and indicator that a person may fall victim to a detox related seizure which can cause brain damage and even death.


Happy Valley-Goose Bay Intervention Services

When someone regularly abuses a substance they will often create a dream world in which they don't have a problem or their problem is under control. Please don't encourage these dream worlds to exist. Call us today for some advice in establishing healthy boundaries and properly addressing the person's issues so he or she has choice but to acknowledge the severity of his or her situation.

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