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Halifax is an amalgamation of four districts in the capital region of Nova Scotia which together makes Halifax the largest city in Atlantic Canada. Halifax is a university town that has a vibrant and fun loving attitude. This has helped to make Halifax a popular tourist destination. Halifax has a significant Opiate addiction problem. Opiates account for a large number of drug cases needing professional help, accounting for the large number of detox beds in the region, the needle exchange program, a methadone treatment center and two separate detox facilities in the city.


Although there is a high incidence of addiction to opiates, addiction to cocaine, meth amphetamine, marijuana, alcohol,and many different non opiate pharmaceutical drugs is also prevalent.

For immediate assistance and advice on a specific program call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation centers in Halifax

The Following is a List of treatment centers in the Halifax area and a list of services provided

Alcare Place in Halifax
- Residential treatment Center with long waiting lists.

Crosbie House Society in New Minas
- Private residential facility with a significant out of pocket monthly cost.

Freedom Foundation of Nova Scotia Dartmouth
- Withdrawal management facility which offers assessment and treatment planning.

IWK Health Centre in Halifax
-Mental Health and Addictions Program, for adolescents this is a voluntary enrollment program.

Mi’kmaq Native Friendship Centre in Halifax
-Mainline Needle Exchange which is intended to help people use safely rather than recover.

Capital Health Addiction Services in Dartmouth
-Withdrawal Management and some out patient services available at this location.

Salvation Army Halifax Centre of Hope in Halifax.
-Charity based recovery home / shelter for those in need of immediate assistance.


Alcohol Treatment Nova Scotia

Alcoholism is commonplace in today's day and age and this holds true in metro Halifax. A popular method for treating alcoholism is through a fellowship with Alcoholics Anonymous where one can follow the 12 steps and traditions and learn to live a productive life.


Halifax Intervention Services

If you have a loved one who is on a destructive path and in denial about the severity of his or her addiction the only approach that gets results is intervention. An intervention will establish healthy consequences for destructive behavior, leave no room for an individual to convince himself that there is no problem and most of all will help you to eradicate any co-dependency from your relationship, giving you the freedom to start your own personal growth.

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and alcohol rehabilitation services in Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.


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