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Iqaluit Drug Rehab

Iqaluit is the territorial capital and the largest community in Nunavut. Yet, for a such a small population, it has an alarming degree of addiction and addiction related arrests. The evidence available suggests that addiction is burning through Iqaluit like wildfire and is responsible for many of the cultural hardships facing this region.


According to Constable Shane Pottie of the Igaluit detachment of the RCMP, with a population of nearly 6,700, Igaluit experienced over 4,000 arrests by the RCMP in a single year, which means more than two thirds of the entire population was arrested in the span of one year, a number which is made even more alarming when combined with the fact that, according to Pottie, nine out of ten of those arrests can be atributed to alcoholism and drug abuse. In one case a Iqaluit man was busted with more than a kilogram of Marijuana and hundreds of oxycontin tablets. Pharmaceutical drug abuse in the north is a big a problem, since pharmaceutical drugs, being legally distributed, are readily available.

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Drug Rehabilitation Iqaluit

Nunavut Dept. of Health and Social Services
- Offers a range of services to Nunavut residents in 26 different community health offices. At the current time, there are no therapy-based residential drug rehab facilities available: plans to convert a 42-bed housing facility in the region into a regional addiction and mental health facility have been put on hold. That means that clients in need of this crucial service are placed in treatment centers in the southern and more densely populated areas of Canada


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Iqaluit

With two thirds of the local population in legal trouble in the course of a year because of alcohol and drug abuse the local detatchment of the RCMP would like to see a limitation placed on the amount of alcohol imported into the communities and a specific enforcement placed on the bootleggers of beer, wine and spirits.


Iqaluit Intervention Services

If you are tired of watching a loved one kill themselves with substance abuse call today to get some advice on how to safely coordinate a successful intervention and help your loved one to create a better life. If you would like information on a professionally co-ordinated intervention we can help with that too.

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and alcohol rehabilitation services in Iqaluit Canada.


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