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Moncton Drug Rehabilitation Moncton Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment

Moncton is the second largest city in the province of New Brunswick. Greater Moncton encompasses Moncton, Dieppe, and Riverview. Collectively they have a population of 138,644 as of the 2011 census. Moncton is a university and college town and it has a 'party hard' attitude, which is reflected in the addiction statistics of Greater Moncton including nearby Sackville. Many incidents with addiction at the college age get dismissed as 'isolated incidents' or 'just a part of growing up'; however these behavior patterns can become lifelong if left alone.


Of the 138,644 residents of Greater Moncton more than ten percent of the population go to one of the Four Universities or two community colleges with an estimated combined student body of 14,000. Additionally there are 4 private colleges which do not publish their numbers of students. Although these students do represent some of the next generation's best and brightest, addiction rates amongst students in post secondary education are much higher than that found in a cross section of society on the whole. Heavy use of alcohol and drugs is prevalent, especially during times of the year associated with partying like the end of school year, completion of exams, and spring break to name a few

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Drug Rehabilitation Moncton

Horizon Health Network
1. Outpatient day or evening treatment
2. Withdrawal management in a residential setting for Adolescents, Men, Women, Adults, and People who have gambling problems.
3. Methadone maintenance is available to clients who abuse opiates.

Inpatient services include: 20-bed detoxification and assistance in making a long-term recovery.

Outpatient services include: prevention and education services, adult counselling services.

Teen Challenge Atlantic
Teen Challenge is not offered through the provincial healthcare system as it is a faith based program that is supported and operated as a Christian charity. The costs are quite manageable but the program relies on a close following of Christian lifestyle and values in order to bring about a productive life and a relationship with God. the program lasts twelve months and is a live in treatment center open to men and adolescents.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Moncton

As with any University town alcoholism rates are quite high although many within the university and college age are very much at the beginning of an alcoholic lifestyle and fall in to the category of binge drinking more than chronic alcoholism, which generally takes years to develop. However the increased rate of experimentation with narcotics can have a profound and immediate reaction and can turn chronic in a very short period of time.


Moncton Intervention Services

Intervention is common amongst the younger generation. It is often the only way to treat someone who is in a constant state of justification and denial. Intervention is the best way of breaking through that protective wall the addict builds around him or her self. If you think an intervention may be necessary, please contact us today to help arrange an intervention for your loved one.

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