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Montreal addiction treatment and drug rehab centers Montreal Drug Rehab

The Province of Quebec recently initiated a provincial certification process intended to increase and standardize the quality of both the residences offering drug and rehabilitation and the therapy being offered. This resulted in many unsavory treatment centers being forced to close their doors. Those treatment centers which remain now offer more current addiction treatment to their clients. Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and boasts a full complement of addiction treatment services in 32 separate locations in both government-funded facilities and private drug rehabs.


If you require assistance to better understand the differences between the various services which fall under the heading of "Drug Rehab" we are proud to offer you expert advice. Just give us a call to begin your path to a better life.

To find an appropriate addiction treatment facility call Today 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation Options in Montreal

Addington Addiction Treatment Centre
- Private addiction treatment center paid out of pocket.
Approche sécurisante des polytoxicomanes anonymes
- Outpatient treatment offering therapy to families and couples.
Salvation Army
- Booth center and anchorage program for men charity based treatment.
BonSecours inc
- Residential drug rehab for men over the age of 25
Centre d'orientation et de prévention d'alcoolisme et de toxicomanie latino-américain
- Out patient counseling assessment and treatment planning offered in english, french and spanish.
Centre de recherche et d'aide pour narcomanes
- Methadone dispensary falls under the heading of harm reduction no therapy is mandatory.
Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine Section médecine de l'adolescence
- Outpatient drug rehabilitation for adolescents between 12 and 18 years of age.
Centre Le Sevrage
- Outpatient drug rehab and aftercare location.
Centre Richard Boivin pour alcooliques et toxicomanes inc
- Both residential and outpatient platforms are offered to drug addicts and alcoholics.
Centre Toxico-stop
- Recovery home with a variety of payment options.
Centre universitaire de santé McGill Centre Griffith Edwards
- Hospital based withdrawal management with some aftercare.
Clinique BACA
- Residential treatment center which can accommodate clients who are either HIV positive or have a concurrent disorder.
Clinique Cormier-Lafontaine
- Counseling office for men and women.
Clinique de médecine des toxicomanies
- Hospital based detoxification facility.
Clinique du Nouveau Départ inc
- Residential treatment offered in french only while assessment and counseling are bilingual.
CRD de Montréal Dollard-Cormier Institut Universitaire
- Residential and out patient drug rehab services homeless clients welcome.
Dianova Canada inc
- Long term residential treatment for men.
L'Escale Notre-Dame inc
- Residential treatment for men and criminal offenders.
Le Grand Chemin
- Residential treatment center for youth ages 12-17
Groupe Harmonie
- Outreach program for people over the age of 55
Jacques Lamarre & Associés
- Outpatient addiction treatment for people of all ages.
Maison de réhabilitation L'Exode inc
- Private Recovery Home and aftercare facility.
La maison du Pharillon
- Private treatment center for men and young adults.
Maison Jean-Lapointe
- Detox and residential treatment program for both men and women.
Montreal General Hospital Addictions Unit
- Detox facility offering some out patient counseling as well.
Pavillon Chatsworth inc
- Private residential treatment center with significant out of pocket expenses.
Pavillon Emmanuel-Grégoire inc
- Long term residential treatment environment for men with criminal offences.
Portage Program for Drug Dependencies Inc
- Well established treatment program across canada with both funded and private beds.
Portage Mother-Child Program
- A chapter of the Portage INC. Program which offers housing and treatment to pregnant or new mothers and their children.
Programme Intervention et Recherche Psycauses inc
- Outpatient program for dually diagnosed (those with an underlying mental health condition) for adults.
Résidences Mission Bon Accueil
- Recovery home providing services to Men.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Montreal

With alcohol sales being public in the province of Quebec, individuals have much greater access to it than in provinces where alcohol sales are under provincial control and sales are limited to government distribution points with limited hours of access. This could potentially contribute to an elevation in alcoholism rates. Nevertheless, there are a number of wonderful facilities available to those with an alcohol addiction in the city of Montreal.


Intervention Services Montreal

Tough love is a concept too difficult for some parents to embrace even though this approach is the preferred method of changing an addict's distractive life path into a productive one. Some people require a professional to educate them and assist them to plan and carry out an intervention that will help their loved one make change in his/her life. If you would like to discuss the intervention process please call our counselors today. 1-800-419-7941

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Montreal Canada.


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