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Ottawa is Canada's fourth largest city with a population of around 890,000 people. It is also our nation's capital, and as a result, there are quite a lot of treatment options available per capita. With 19 different substance abuse treatment facilities serving Ottawa, residents have all services required to make a full recovery regardless of which substance they are addicted to. If you would like help to develop a plan in order to tackle your or a loved ones' addiction don't hesitate to call us today. We are standing by at 1-800-419-7941.


With all of the social benefit programs available in Ottawa and the entire province such as subsidized housing, welfare, Ontario Disability Supplementary Pension or ODSP for short, and a host of homeless shelters and other free programs, the Ontario government has literally become the "Chief Enabler" to thousands of its residents, who, without the monthly support from different social benefits, would be incapable of sustaining an addiction, and would, in all likelihood, be forced to address the problem by receiving addiction treatment and establishing a productive lifestyle.

For information on Ottawa substance abuse recovery call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation Ottawa

The following is a list of addiction treatment services available in the city of Ottawa which are either privately or publicly funded or charity-based organizations.

Amethyst Women's Addiction Center in Ottawa
-Initial assessment, treatment planning and aftercare for female clients.
Lifestyle Enrichment for Senior Adults (LESA) in Ottawa
-Initial assessment, counseling and treatment planning for seniors.
Dave Smith Youth Treatment Centre in Ottawa
-Addiction treatment for youth, offering a wide variety of options.
Empathy House of Recovery in Ottawa
-Up to one year residential program for adult Women.
Harvest House Ministries in Gloucester
- Two year faith-based residential addiction treatment center in a Christian environment.
Decision House in Ottawa
- Bilingual eight week residential addiction treatment program for adult men.
Fraternity House in Ottawa
-French-speaking residential addiction treatment facility with separate residences for men and women.
Mamisarvik Trauma & Addictions Treatment Program in Ottawa
- outpatient addiction counseling for aboriginal peoples.
Montfort Renaissance Inc. in Ottawa
- Hospital-based withdrawal management facility.
Ottawa Mission in Ottawa
- Addiction treatment between one and five months in length for homeless men.
Rideauwood Addiction and Family Services in Ottawa
- Community-based addiction counseling and assessment with some treatment planning offered.
Roberts Smart Centre in Ottawa
- Non-residential addiction treatment and assessment for youth.
Royal Ottawa Hospital
- Hospital-based withdrawal management and assessment office, providing dual diagnosis treatment of addiction and mental health.
Salvation Army Booth Centre in Ottawa
- Charity based four month addiction treatment program for men.
Sandy Hill Community Health Centre in Ottawa
-Community based addictions and mental health counseling.
Serenity House in Ottawa
-Private recovery home with out-of-pocket commitment in order to receive treatment.
Serenity Renewal for Families in Ottawa
-Intended as a support for the loved ones of addicts to learn strategies to encourage recovery and cope in a healthy way.
Shepherds of Good Hope Managed Alcohol Program in Ottawa
-Harm reduction homeless shelter which allows chronic alcoholics to consume a measured amount of alcohol in order to avoid the onset of detox.
Sobriety House in Ottawa
-Residential treatment center for men that is provincially funded for residents of Ontario.
Vesta Recovery Program for Women in Ottawa
-A non-profit residential facility for women, ages 18 and up, who are in need of addiction treatment.


Alcoholism Treatment Ottawa

Alcoholism amongst the homeless population of Ottawa has become an accepted way of life in this city as well as in other cities in Canada, so much so that there are even homeless shelters provided to allow people a safe place to consume alcohol in in order to keep them form experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms they would otherwise experience in an "abstinence based" homeless shelter or on the street. Nevertheless, there is also a wide range of programs to help the individual with a serious commitment to his or her recovery.


Intervention Services in Ottawa

One of the worst side effects of addiction is denial: it keeps the addict from addressing his or her addiction and from even acknowledging that his or her drug abuse may even be a problem. If this is the case for a loved one please call us today to address the problem and develope an intervention plan so that you may help the denial come to an end and treatment begin.

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Ottawa Canada.


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