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Quebec Drug Rehab Quebec City Drug Rehabilitation

Quebec city is one of the oldest cities in North America and a popular tourist destination for people who want to have a 'European experience' without leaving this continent. Although the city still has clear reminders of the past, the addictions facing this ancient city are cutting edge. Being on an international shipping route where countless containers arrive every day from all around the world makes this city victim to the some of the worst drugs the world has to offer. Addictions to substances such as cocaine, heroin and crystal meth are not uncommon but also designer drugs such as bath salts and ecstasy are also readily available.


Quebec city has a wide variety of treatment centers available to those who call it home with everything from counselling and day treatment to detox and long-term residential treatment being offered. To find out what would be the best fit for you or a loved one please call us today!

For immediate assistance call now! 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation in the city of Quebec

Please feel free to contact our counselors regarding information on any addiction treatment option available in Quebec City or even in the surrounding area as many centers are in isolated areas.

CRC le Pavillon INC
- Recovery Home for men with a criminal history.
Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de Québec
- Initial assessment and treatment planning office.
Le Grand Chemin in Québec
- Residential drug rehab for youth ages 12 - 17.
Maison au Seuil de l'Harmonie
- 28 day co-ed addiction treatment facility.
Maison d'Entraide l'Arc-en-ciel INC
- A residential addiction treatment program for up to twelve men.
Maison de Job
- Residential drug rehab for Aboriginal clients methadone clients are accepted.
Maison de Lauberivière
- Homeless shelter which offers some counseling.
Maison Marie-Frédéric INC
- Multi phased residential addiction treatment program for adults.
Le Passage
- Outpatient therapy for adults with and underlying mental health condition.
Programme de Portage INC
- The Portage program is offered in French in both residential and out patient formats.
La Renaissance
- French residential drug rehab for men and women.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment in Quebec City

Dealing with alcoholism can be challenging regardless of where you are located. Alcoholism is generally enabled by the North American way of life. Alcohol is in your face: you can scarcely walk a block without passing several places where you can get a drink. However if you find yourself losing the struggle to overcome alcoholism, we have a comprehensive list of programs available to help you with every aspect of alcohol addiction recovery.


Intervention Services in Quebec City

Doing the right thing even when it may be the single most challenging thing you ever have to do for a loved one such as saying 'No' or stepping back and standing up for yourself is often impossible to do without help and advice from a professional. To get the encouragement you need to do the right thing please call anytime and we'll try our best to get you on a path towards successful intervention today.

Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Quebec City.


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