Drug Rehab Saint John
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New Brunswick Drug Rehabilitation Saint John alcohol Rehab and Drug Rehab

Saint John is the largest city in the province of New Brunswick, and notably it is the second largest city in all of the maritime provinces. The city itself has a population of 70,063, and the population of the Saint John Metro region is 127,761 according to the 2011 census report. Saint John is home to the province's largest and best known addiction treatment center which offers both drug rehabilitation and treatment for alcohol addiction.


Saint John has become a vital link in the treatment of addiction within the province of New Brunswick. There is only one truly all encompasing treatment option, which provides addiction treatment to both men and women as well as to adolescents and can also offer both in and outpatient addiction treatment plus aftercare and detoxification. This treatment center is known as Ridgewood.

To learn if other drug or alcohol rehabilitation options are right for you call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation Saint John

Horizon Health Network Ridgewood
1. Outpatient Day or evening treatment
2. Withdrawal management in a residential setting for Adolescents and Adult Men and Women.
3. Methadone maintenance offered to clients who abuse opiates.
4. Residential therapy-based addiction treatment.
5. Ongoing aftercare following completion of residential program.

Sophia Recovery Centre for women
1. Personalized counselling by certified addiction counsellors.
2. Coaching and mentoring by peer volunteers and role models seasoned in their recovery.
3. Abstinence-based training and support based on 12 steps.
4. Relapse prevention counselling and education.
5. Skill development in living life differently and in making healthier choices.
6. Recovery resource library.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Saint John

Alcoholsim is a problem in Saint John as it is in the entire atlantic provinces. Saint john is an old city steeped in its tradition as a fishing and manufacturing town which houses mning operations as well as logging outfits including pulp and paprer, both of which are industries where alcoholism is an occupational liability. Any cases of alcoholism are dealt with in the exact same fashion as any other substance abuse problem, so see the above section to find out more on addiction treatment available in Saint John or simply give us a call at 1-800-419-7941 and we would be glad to explain your options as best we can.


Saint John Intervention Services

Watching someone struggle with addictoion is even more tragic when they have themselves believing that their life is just fine or that they don`t have a problem. Intervention will give an addict the option to join the fight for his or her own life.

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