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There are approximately 36,000 Saskatchewanians in need of detoxification, intervention and drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs, coupled with ongoing after care. There are a total of seven detox facilities and an additional 25 residential facilities, each of which can accommodate approximately 40 addicts, bringing the total number of available government-funded beds to approximately 1,280 to be shared amongst the 36,000 that need treatment. Of the 66 facilities located in Saskatchewan 44 are outpatient programs that offer very little support to alcoholics and addicts.


In Saskatchewan services available to addicts and alcoholics include detoxification, drug rehab, long term residential, short term residential, outpatient and day programs. In Saskatchewan studies have been conducted by the Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse (CCSA), which indicate 1% or approximately 25,000 persons are dependent on illicit drugs. For those who are habitual drug users it is difficult to locate adequate treatment in a reasonable order of time

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Drug Rehabilitation Saskatchewan

Drugs that were considered soft, years back, are now considered addictive. Cannabis (cannabis sativa) and its derivatives is one of these. The percentage of THC (tetrahydrocannabolin, the primary intoxicant in cannabis) in marijuana and hashish has risen from 2-3% in the '70s to up to between 6-25% in the past 20 years, making it considered addictive. A commonly asked question by those witnessing a drug addict literally destroying him or herself with drugs is: Why? Why did my child, friend or relative choose to take drugs? Why did he prefer the life of a drug addict, of a thief and liar who just can't be trusted? Why doesn't he stop? Generally, there is an underlying reason for a drug addict to initially consume drugs. A particular event, a life-changing decision that went wrong or tensed and stressful situations could be the catalyst that led the individual towards drugs. If you need help finding an appropriate drug rehabilitation center in Saskatchewan please call Canada Rehab today at 1-800-479-7941.


Addiction Treatment Saskatchewan

On February 22nd and 23rd, 2005 the Saskatchewan Association of Chemical Dependency Workers hosted a methamphetamine addiction and treatment workshop in Saskatoon. This workshop was a first step in the province's crystal meth strategy addressing treatment and pharmacological concerns for Saskatchewan service providers. The province's plan for crystal meth identifies four key areas of strategic focus: prevention; treatment; education and reducing drug supply (supply interdiction). It outlines 25 key actions for each of these four areas and provides examples of the many initiatives currently underway throughout the province.


Intervention Services in Saskatchewan

Intervention is one of the most effective tools a family has to stop an addict’s destructive path dead in its tracks. Since the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) networks hit series, Intervention, this option has become more and more known to families as an option and the overall success of this action has been documented. If you require help in locating a professional interventionist in Saskatchewan or if you just need over-the-phone advice on conducting a successful intervention on your own please call. The goal of drug abuse intervention is for the addict to accept the reality of his drug abuse and to seek help. If you require help finding an intervention service in Saskatchewan or anywhere in Canada please call Canada Rehab 1-800-419-7941.

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