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Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It also hosts the most comprehensive list of treatment services in the entire country. Whether you or a loved one has a problem with pharmaceutical drugs or street drugs such as cocaine, heroin or crystal meth there are solutions available. In addition, there are eating disorder and dual diagnosis programs which treat individuals with an underlying mental health issue. if you would like to know more about the services available in Toronto pick up the phone and call us today. 1-800-419-7941


Toronto organized crime rings and other illegal organizations use profits from drug sales to fuel their organizations. This means on a massive scale that cash is being funneled out of a legal economy into a counter-culture economy, putting extra pressure on our healthcare and social welfare systems, all the while weakening the Canadian economy and social structure. Our goal at CanadaRehab is to help put an end to this vicious cycle, one client at a time, and help our country to recover.

For information on Toronto drug rehab facilities call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation Toronto Ontario

We have developed and maintain an ongoing list of treatment services available in the city of Toronto and the GTA. If you have any questions about securing treatment for someone in the Toronto area please call us today. We're ready to help you find the right program.

416 Community Support for Women
-Community-based counseling and assessment for women with a concurrent disorder.
Alpha House
- 12 step based recovery home for men.
Anishnawbe Health Toronto
- Community based outpatient program for Aboriginal men.
Breakaway Addiction Services
- Initial assessment and treatment planning.
Breaking the Cycle
- Mothercraft offers addictions, parenting and child development classes to new or expecting mothers.
Caritas Project
-Long tern residential treatment program for adult males.
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
Offers a variety of specialized services to several client groups including gays and lesbians, youth, African and Caribbean youth, women, families, Aboriginal families in areas such as addiction assessment, methadone treatment, cocaine, medical detox, driving under the influence, counselling, gambling, integrated group therapy, integrated residential, and eating disorders.
City of Toronto Department of Public Health
- Harm reduction needle exchange program. No therapy offered.
Community Outreach Programs in Addictions
- Community-based addiction treatment and planning for individuals over the age of 55.
COSTI Immigrant Services
- counseling addiction assessment and treatment planning.
Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto
- Outpatient individual and group therapy sessions.
Good Shepherd Ministries
- Alcohol management harm reduction program and homeless shelter.
Governing Council of the Salvation Army in Canada
- Ten week programs offered in either a residential or outpatient setting.
Hospital for Sick Children
- Counseling and outreach services for people under the age of 18
Humber River Regional Hospital
- Day or evening classes plus assessment and detox if needed.
Jean Tweed Treatment Centre
- Women's resource center for counseling assessment and treatment planning.
John Howard Society of Toronto
- Men's addiction resource center for counseling assessment and treatment planning.
LOFT Community Services
-Recovery home for young women.
Native Men's Residence

- Recovery home for aboriginal males.
North York General Hospital
- Outpatient program offering assessment, treatment, and referral
Prometheum Institute
- Private organization which uses an observation and confrontation model.
Recovery Counselling Services
- Outpatient and aftercare services.
Renascent Centres
- Intensive 21 day residential rehab program.
Salvation Army Harbour Light Centre
- Separate facilities for men and women to receive inpatient and outpatient counseling.
Scarborough Hospital
- Education-based addiction treatment.
Seaton House Annex
- Managed alcohol harm reduction site.
Society of St .Vincent de Paul
- Wet shelter for homeless alcoholics. Twelve recovery homes are also offered to clients in recovery.
St. Joseph's Health Care Centre Detox
- Withdrawal management service for clients experiencing withdrawal symptoms.
Toronto Centre for Substance Use in Pregnancy
- Outpatient program for pregnant women struggling with addiction.
St. Michael's Homes
- Long term 180 day residential program for adult men.
St. Michael's Hospital Detox Unit
- Withdrawal management in a hospital setting.
St. Stephen's Community House
- Client-centered counseling and group meetings.
Street Haven Addiction Services
- Charity-based assessment and treatment planning office for women.
Toronto Drug Treatment Court
- Providers of court-supervised addiction treatment to clients with drug related offences.
Toronto East General Hospital
- Detoxification unit residential detox.
Transition House Inc.
- Recovery home for men and young adults. Fees are billed on a sliding scale where income and other factors are taken into consideration.
University Health Network
- Withdrawal management and aftercare.
YMCA of Greater Toronto
- Assessment and treatment planning for youth.


Alcohol Treatment Toronto

Unfortunately for the chronic alcoholics in the Toronto area the local providers have taken a harm reduction approach to chronic alcoholism. There are now four separate "wet shelters" or managed alcohol programs where homeless men can find lodging and continue to consume alcohol in order to avoid the onset of serious withdrawal symptoms. There are however many facilities that follow abstinence based models which encourage a clean break from alcohol and urge people into recovery.


Intervention Services in Toronto

1. Do you love someone who can't see how destructive his or her life has become?
2. Do you want to start living for yourself again?
3. Do you wonder if its possible for someone to regain control of his or her life after addiction?
4. Are you tired of waiting and hoping that things will get better?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions you should call us today to learn if an intervention is the right move.


Thank you for your interest in Canada Drug Rehab and our free drug addiction treatment
and alcohol rehabilitation services in Toronto Canada.


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