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Vancouver Drug Rehab Drug Rehab and Addiction Treatment in Vancouver

Chemical dependency to street drugs, alcohol, and pharmaceutical drugs is rampant on the streets of Vancouver but these drugs are growing in popularity in wealthier neighborhoods across the lower mainland. Vancouver has an 'eyes wide open' approach and offers significantly more advanced services than most other major cities in Canada. We still find that its not enough and there are still many who feel treatment and a better life is beyond their grasp and unattainable. We are here to try and change that reality and help anyone in need to find successful addiction treatment.


If you or a loved one suffers from addiction the first step to finding resources is researching what is available so a solution can begin to move from a concept to an attainable resource with a name, a face and a telephone number. Please call one of our counselors. We are happy to spend the time with you so a solution has the opportunity to present itself to you. In Vancouver there are hundreds of options available to an individual with a drug problem. We understand that not all levels of addiction treatment are required for all addicts and can in some cases be counter-productive and even a waste of time and resources.

To learn if other drug or alcohol rehabilitation options are right for you call 1-800-419-7941


Drug Rehabilitation services in Vancouver

By 1998, there were an estimated 11,700 injection drug users in Greater Vancouver, with a large percentage living on the streets or in temporary housing in a few square blocks in the Downtown Eastside. According to a 2000 report by the City of Vancouver, the total number of overdose deaths in British Columbia had risen from 39 in 1988, to 331 in 1993. Since then, an average of 147 illicit overdose deaths have occurred per year in the city of Vancouver alone. So let's say that its not a question of 'if' but rather a matter of 'when' a Vancouver drug addict's drug use will turn fatal. On the brighter side as a result of the hard work of all rehab providers in Vancouver and across the lower mainland thousands of people have left the streets and reinvented their lives, allowing productive and profitable lives to prevail, new families to be created and new found happiness to exist.


Alcohol Addiction Vancouver

Alcoholism is a serious problem even in the city of Vancouver which is known for its rampant drug problem and prostitution, both readily available on many street corners on the city's east side. Alcohol is still the drug of choice for many of the cities residents in spite of the availability of much harder and in some cases cheaper drugs.


Vancouver Interventionists and Intervention Services

If you find yourself helplessly looking on while a loved one continues to engage in behavior which is harmful to his or her health or contributing to his or her downfall there is help. The most powerful tool available to encourage that person to join the fight to save their own life is intervention. Whether you choose to do a family intervention or a professionally coordinated one, intervention is a powerful tool that changes lives every single day. You don't have to sit idly by while your loved one slowly wastes away.

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