Drug Rehab Whitehorse
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Drug Rehab options in Whitehorse. Whitehorse Drug Rehab

Whitehorse is a major stopover for people traveling the famed "Alaska Highway." It is located at the 918-mile marker. This places Whitehorse not only in the path of many tourists but also on a major trans-shipment lane for narcotics headed in to and out of Alaska. While there are a large number of treatment options available to Whitehorse residents if all they require is counseling or treatment planning; there is very little available to those needing more intensive treatment. The Department of Health and Social Services in Whitehorse offers only a 28-day program to a total of nine clients in a single year.


With such a small number of positions available for residential rehabilitation, seriously addicted persons are routinely sent for treatment to more densely populated provinces in the southern areas of Canada such as Alberta or British Columbia. As well, many of the treatment options available are community initiatives put together by the reservations in the Whitehorse area and are available to residents of those communities only. To find out how to receive successful treatment in the city of Whitehorse please contact us today.

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Drug Rehabilitation Whitehorse

Carcross Tagish First Nation
- NNADAP worker provides assessment counseling and treatment planning.
Champagne and Aishihik First Nations Wellness Program
- Outpatient concealing for residents of these two reservations.
Kwanlin Dun First Nation
- Jackson Lake Healing Camp for aboriginal peoples in a cultural setting.
Many Rivers Counseling and Support Services
- Mobile crisis Outreach Van.
Teslin Tlingit First Nation
- Outpatient counseling and outreach for Aboriginal Adults.
Victoria Faulkner Centre
- Outreach program for Women.
Yukon Department of Health and Social Services
- A variety of service offered include: 24 hour a day detox, 28 day residential program, counseling, assessment. treatment planning and youth services.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Whitehorse

If you are an alcoholic or know an alcoholic who routinely gets "the shakes", heightened anxiety or profuse sweating when not drinking, you are advised to seek medical help as these symptoms can be an early warning sign that an individual may experience a seizure from withdrawal from alcohol. Luckily for chronic alcoholics in Whitehorse there is a twenty four hour a day, seven days a week detoxification service where individuals can receive medical supervision while detoxing.


Whitehorse Intervention Services

It is a seemingly hopeless situation when you find yourself watching a loved one kill him or herself by way of substance abuse. It is even more tragic when the addicts don't believe they have a problem thereby cutting themselves off from any help whatsoever. To find out how to initiate change in a situation like this please contact our counselors today. 1-800-419-7941

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