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Drug Rehab Yellowknife Yellowknife Drug Rehabilitation

Yellowknife is the capital and largest city of the Northwest Territories with its 19,234 citizens, accounting for nearly half of the population in this vast area of the Canadian wilderness. It is located on the northern shore of Great Slave Lake, approximately 400 km south of the Arctic Circle, on the west side of Yellowknife Bay near the outlet of the Yellowknife River. This region has been targeted by bootleggers ever since they could first access the north and the business model holds true today except that it is illegal narcotics rather than alcohol which is shipped in.


Yellowknife is the economic hub for the NWT which has always relied on natural resources-based businesses such as mining and forestry, with gold and other heavy metals a main source of revenue for many years. Once production of those resources began to slow Yellowknife was in a state of decline until the discovery of diamonds in the NWT, which has infused billions of mining dollars back in to this territory and Yellowknife. Yellowknife serves as the center for government activities in the north.

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Drug Rehabilitation services Yellowknife

Government run programs in Yellowknife include:

Government run programs in Yellowknife include:

Northwest Territories Dept. of Health and Social Services
1. Community outreach programs offer counseling for addiction and mental health. As well they strive to increase awareness about family violence.
2. Addiction assessment is performed in order to create a treatment plan and refer the client to the appropriate treatment center.
3. Addiction education and awareness and prevention classes are offered as well.

Tree of Peace Friendship Community Wellness Program
This office provides assessment, referral, case management, aftercare, support groups and individual counseling based on Aboriginal spirituality and tradition. For ages 10 and over. The service is for both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in the community.

Women and Children's Healing and Recovery Program
This is a pilot program in Yellowknife whose purpose is to to provide support to women who engage in destructive behavior. The program offers addiction services including
1. a day program which offers counseling and support.
2. life-skills and literacy training.


Alcohol Addiction Treatment Yellowknife

Alcoholism is readily associated with any area that is known for hard work under adverse circumstances and Yellowknife is no exception. There are literally hundreds of places one can acquire alcohol in this city yet there isn't a singe acute care facility for alcoholism and alcohol detox. Please make your way to the local hospital if you are experiencing anxiety or uncontrolled shaking when you stop drinking--these are two main indicators that you are detoxing and could be at risk of having a seizure.


Intervention Services in Yellowknife

Please allow us the great honor of helping you to establish boundaries and healthy limitations within and addictive relationship. Without those two things it is nearly impossible for an addict to become accountable and start the process of making change. Call CanadaRehab to get started on your way. 1-800-419-7941

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